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January 17, 2011
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Little Souls
Story and Written by: Hikaru Yanagi

One day, when Jesus was busy watching over the World, a young little angel approached him and said..

"My dear Lord, Can I sit beside you?"
Jesus was happy to hear the little angel's request, and happily agreed. They both watched the world, there, they saw, Sadness, pain, happiness and all kinds of emotions every human felt.
However, The little angel could not understand all emotions, so she ignored the other people who were rather feeling sad or angry. And she only watched the Happy people.

she watched many people Laughing and very happy. She could see many children laughing and playing, Buying many things and stuffs.

Her eyes sparkled as she watched the earth together with Jesus.

"Living there must be really happy and fun, right Jesus?" The little angel said.
"My daughter, yes, it is nice to live, but the world is full of many Temptations, Because of Satan.."
The angel could not understand, Yet she continued watching.

She watched many happy people, and then, She suddenly thought, of an Idea.

"Lord Jesus, Can I make a wish?" She sweetly asked.
"Yes, my daughter, what is it?" Jesus answered Kindly..

"Lord Jesus, I want to live there.. I want to experience the life on earth. But Jesus, I promise, I'll do my best so that I won't be tempted by Satan! I will follow your commandments, I will obey you, And I will always pray to you and.... and... You will always be my LORD!" The angel said happily.

Jesus giggled and was rather happy of her answer... "My child, You made me happy with your words. Yes, I will let you live. But remember, THE WORLD, IS FULL OF TEMPTATIONS. The world isn't all about happiness. There, you will see different kinds of people, and meet them. In there, You will dream, so you could live, and you will have to fight Satan, If you continue to believe in me. If you do, You will meet lots of enemies, People on earth do not last long, They reach death, and someday, you will have to lose the people close to your heart. You will have to deal with every tests I give you. And you will have to fight Sadness, and anger in your life. You will have to face Failure before you success. People are not perfect... But, as you wish.. YES... I will let you live.."

then Jesus and the little angel stood up and went to the gate of heaven. There, they met St. Peter holding a Key. They both greet each other's company... Jesus asked St. Peter to open the Gate and then, Jesus asked the little angel to go and find her own way... But before the angel went, Jesus said his words again...

"My child, I will send you to the body of two young couples. They will make love sometime tonight. There, You will meet different kinds of Souls, who will struggle to live. Your life span will last five minutes, and remember, You will have to compete. My child, I know you are Strong... So show me, That you can win... "

"Y.. yes! My Lord!" The angel said while wiping her tears...  And then, Jesus sent her to the world. It was a rather sad experience for the angel. But Jesus was happy for her. Jesus was... And Jesus believed in her..."


In the human world, Two young couples made love. and there, inside the body of the male.. There was the angel.

Inside she met different kinds of souls, Male and Female, all wanted to live, So they were ready to compete with each other. Then suddenly everyone went Running.. Little angel was rather out of place
and wanted to know what happened. And then, She remembered what Jesus Said... "you will have to

"Jesus Believed in me... He believed in me... So, I will Go!" and then, She started running. She competed with everyone.. and then, they reached something circle, that felt like the Goal. And it was, So she hurried as fast as she could and pushed as strong as she could, and then suddenly, She was able to enter it...

weeks and months passed, The angel finally felt, that she was inside of someone, and she felt very alive.. it was very warm there, She felt tender and love inside.. She felt warm. She could hear the heartbeat of someone, someone close to her heart
and it sounded... Really nice... It became her favorite melody..

"I must be.. a baby now..." She thought to herself. "Thank you, Lord Jesus..."

Jesus from above was very happy of the angel's success.

"If I would be born, I would tell my Mommy, How Much I love her, And how Jesus loved me and her!"

Inside the womb, She thought of a wonderful poem she would someday tell her mother...

Mommy, I am very lucky
To have you in my life
and your heartbeat is what I like
your womb is my home
when I'll be born you'll not be alone
Because Dear mother I love you
as much as Jesus Dear Loves you

"It's a very short poem, But I hope she likes it!"

One day, the two couples headed for the hospital and talked to the doctor.
after the talk, The wife Lied down the bed..
"Oh, mommy is sleeping she must be very tired..." The angel said. Slowly, She felt her mother's
heartbeat going fast, She got very worried... she almost cried, and before she knew it...

Something, was pulling her outside... and it really hurt.


But nothing happened...

The angel, was then Aborted...

The little angel and Jesus then met at the gate of Heaven. She was Crying and so was Jesus. So, Jesus carried her in his arms With a painful look in his face.

"Why? My Lord? Wasn't I a Good girl? I was a good girl right?"

"My child, In earth, You meet people like her, You meet selfish people who only find making love, A game. It's now common nowadays my child. "

there was a little silence... then
"My Lord, Please take care of my mommy and daddy, Please protect them from Satan. Please."

"Yes, my child, I will, Because I love them, As much as I love you.."


One night, The little angel appeared in the woman's Dreams... There, She recited the poem she made
inside the woman's womb...

Mommy, I am very lucky
To have you in my Life
and your heartbeat is what I like
your womb is my home
When I'll be born you'll not be alone
Because dear mother I love you
As much as Jesus Loves you

When the woman woke up, Her eyes were filled with tears and without knowing it, She regretted

Author's note...

Yes, I hate abortion as much as I hate, RH Bill.

Why do people get rid of little angels like her who just wanted to live and be loved. Jesus loved these little angel so much.
And we Humans have no right, To kill.. Because we are nothing but humans. We didn't create these little angels...

People who do these things, are no different to a killer,... They do these, For pleasure, They don't even think about these little angels.. I feel sorry for them. These little angels have done nothing wrong, To deserve this. In fact, These angels might be the ones, who could complete a person's life...

also, People who use Birth Controls like Condoms and Pills, Your no different to killers and people who abort babies.. or let's just say, they are killer APPRENTICES.

do u guys think SEX is JUST FOR FUN? if it is, then why are babies born then?


Note: A message people who aborts and use birth control. How would you feel, If you wanted to live so badly but can't because of birth control and abortion. How would you feel if your OWN parents would ditch you from the inside to prevent you from being born? It's sad right?
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Graveyard-Keeper Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2011  Student General Artist

Sidenote, you wrote "two couples in stead of "a couple of two young people" in... two parts, I think.

And trust me, there is a pychological after-effect of guilt to those women who abort, but of course, that's something that isn't as know as abortion clinic numbers.

[link](spa).html Scientific stuff... Sorry you'll have to translate probaby, but it has ALL testimonies at the comment section. None denies it is what happens.
SapphireShine Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2011  Hobbyist
Nice story. ^__^
:( my mom is one of those people who has a 6 kids but only has custody of 2 of them...she doesnt even care about us yet there are women who cant have kids and cry every is so unfair.... :( *hugs for all those women who want kids but cant have them*
SmiterRasco Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2011
SmiterRasco Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2011
KaitouSamurai2 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
That was an amazing story.

Then too, some people who think that way don't think about those who would like to have children, but can't, and also children who want parents who would take care of them.
OptimusBart09 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2011
That was so well-written, but, by Zeus, was that depressing!
glaceon-rules Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
"Sex is sacred. It is the way new life is created. Sex for love *cough* lust *cough* is just wrong." ~Unknown
Namikaze99 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist sad......:iconsadplz:
You have such a great point.....If only people would think clearly nowadays.....
And I is not for fun. It is for when you want to start a family, and live in it happily, praising the Lord that you ACTUALLY HAVE YOUR OWN FAMILY!
Great Job on this by the way, I almost cried. The tears were about to come out lol
PeachCat93 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2011  Student General Artist
*wipes a tear away* this is so sad but beautiful. you are so right people should have an abortion just b'c they chose to make love and then end up pregnant!
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